Spec Ops: The Line Release Date and Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

2K Games has announced that their upcoming third-person shooter, Spec Ops: The Line, will be out on June 26 – and they’ve also included what pre-order bonuses people would be getting.

The game’s pre-order bonuses are listed below and they’re for the game’s multiplayer component. So, if you’re not planning on playing the game online, I guess pre-ordering won’t be that much of an issue for you.

  • Twice the amount of experience points will be awarded during the first week of play, enabling gamers to expedite character ranking.
  • The AK-47 weapon will unlock at rank one.
  • The “Officer Class” will unlock at rank one. This character class includes several team-based advantages, such as reducing damage to teammates and increasing the effectiveness of other classes.
  • Access to the “FUBAR Pack,” which contains exclusive accessories allowing players to customize their characters with unique and visually distinctive items.

The game, which is being developed by Yager,is being released on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Anyone up for more military-themed shooters?