Why Skyrim Doesn’t Have Multiplayer

Have you ever played Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and wondered why the game didn’t have mulitplayer? The game would be a good fit, after all.

The game’s massive landscapes lend itself very well to cooperative play and just the thought of taking down dragons as a duo sends shivers down my spine; but Bethesda’s Todd Howard explains just why this didn’t come to fruition.

We talk about it and, if we would do it, ‘What kind of format would that take? That’s not the key experience of the game for us. It’s not a small thing to just take on. So this is the game that we’d rather play

Howard does admit that co-op is the most requested feature by fans, but it’s not something the team has tried to do yet.

Maybe next-gen then, no?

Source: Kotaku