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Sony: We’ll Support PS Vita for Five to Ten Years

Sony’s upcoming next-gen handheld the PlayStation Vita is almost upon us and people are awaiting it with excitement and trepidation. Of course, that trepidation isn’t warranted. The Vita’s predecessor – the PlayStation Portable – was trampled by Nintendo’s DS in terms of sales and third-party support.

Well, if Sony is to be believed, the PlayStation Vita won’t have that problem. Sony’s aim for the Vita is to be the “number one handheld console in the world.” That’s the sentiment shared by Sony’s SVP of marketing Guy Longworth.

Longworth also that they have a “five to ten year plan” for their upcoming handheld. This is the same plan Sony has adapted with the PS3 and the PSP itself was on the market for a very long time.

Our customers and our third parties are also very excited about this. We see this as a five-to-ten year platform, so we’ll judge the success of this in 12, 24 to 36 months. We expect to have a great launch, but it’s really in 12 or 24 months we’ll know how successful it has been

Anyone of you picking up a Vita? If so, does this news comfort you or is the handheld already dead with the 3DS and tablets already dominating the handheld playing field?

Source: GameTrailers (via Develop)