Mass Effect 3 ‘Take Earth Back’ Trailer is Full of Awesome

Earlier last week, we gave you a teaser of Mass Effect 3’s upcoming Take Earth Back CGI trailer, which was intended to launch during a commercial break of the TV show, The Walking Dead. Now, we have the clip in its entirety and boy, is it a good one!

Before you watch Commander Shepard going toe-to-toe with a gang of Reapers, bear in mind that this not in-game graphics, but the tone, spectacle and whatnot are still a sight to behold.

The universe is at war with the Reapers and Earth is the battleground. If you’ve ever a periodic war movie, chances are you’ve seen scenes of armies going up against the enemy by attacking as one massive horde – this is the same thing – only this time, done the Mass Effect way.

Does that get your blood pumping or what? Fight the Reapers and help bring Earth back this coming March 6 when ME3’s released.