UFC Undisputed 3 Achievement and Trophy Guide

UFC Undisputed 3 is the third installment in the series since THQ secured the deal with UFC back in 2007. There have been plenty of changes so that even the new players will require some time to settle in.

The game challenges your skills in different ways and to get all the achievements included in the game; you will have to put in some effort. And if you are looking for help to get all the achievements, the following guide can help you out.

Hall of Famer
Enter the Hall of Fame with a fighter in Career Mode.

How to get Hall of Famer Achievement/Trophy
You don’t get the hall of fame for nothing, right? You can get this achievement only by winning some important awards in the game. Apart from winning titles and defenses, you will have to get ‘fight of the night/year’, ‘submission of the night/year’ and ‘knock-out of the night/year’ awards too.

To win fight of the Night award, your fight should be action packed lasting for at least three rounds. First round K.O may also get you the award, but the chances are rare due to the short length of the match.

To win Knock-out of the night, you need to execute a surprise (sudden) Knock-out especially when you are losing the fight.

The Submission of the Night award will depend on your luck slightly as you need to end a (the only fight of the night)fight through submission. One way to do that make your opponent tap into the final round when you are behind on judge’s scorecard.

Chopping ’em Down
Get the TKO win by damaging the opponent’s legs

How to get Chopping ’em Down Achievement/Trophy
By holding LT button, press B to kick the opponent on the legs. You need to do it until your opponent collapses to the ground. Long tiring effort will win you the achievement.

KO the opponent with a soccer kick

How to get GOOOAAL!!! Achievement/Trophy
You can have this achievement only in Pride mode. Once your opponent is down (on hands and knees), you should hold LB and press B to perform a goal kick to knock out the opponent.

Breaking your Best Toys
Win against a CAF that obtained Career Hall of Fame in Exhibition on Expert Difficulty or higher

How to get Breaking your Best Toys Achievement/Trophy
For this achievement, you will have to complete the career at least once and should have Hall of Fame award under your belt. Once you have fulfilled the requirements, you can beat the respective CAF and complete the challenge.

History is Best Both Ways
Obtain a 100% completion score with both fighters in a fight in Ultimate Fights Mode.

How to get History is Best Both Ways Achievement/Trophy
The achievement only requires some practice. Go to Ultimate Fight Mode and complete the requirements for both the fighters at the given time.

Finish the Fight
After a KO or TKO, land 4 finishing blows and win the match

How to Get Finish the Fight Achievement/Trophy
Just after you K.O. your opponent, step onto him by moving LS and then tap X or Y repeatedly until you get four hits. This will earn you the achievement.

Triple Threatening
Obtain any level 3 move for 1 fighter in Career Mode

How to Get Triple Threatening Achievement/Trophy
You can automatically train your opponent, but that will take time. To do it manually, select a camp in the career mode and select the move you want to level up. Complete the required challenges to get to the level 3.

Brute Force
Submission Slam or Stomp Escape the COM in Exhibition on Advanced Difficulty or Higher

How to Get Brute Force Achievement/Trophy
You should quickly escape a Triangle Choke or a Guillotine, and your fighter will do the rest for you.

Punching is Hard Work
Win a match on Ultimate in Exhibition or Tournament Mode with the Simulation Energy Settings

How to Get Punching is Hard Work Achievement/Trophy
Start the exhibition match with the required settings and use a fighter that will benefit you in your goal. It won’t take you more than a couple of trails to get the achievement.

Training Expertise
Obtain a 4-star score in a Training Game with a fighter in Career Mode

How to Get Training Expertise Achievement/Trophy
You should select the training you find easiest to get the required score, e.g. Clinch Control Drill is one easy exercise.

Prolific Champion
Use 1 fighter in Career Mode and win the WFA Championship, UFC Championship, and PRIDE Grand Prix

How to get Pacific Champion Achievement/Trophy
You are going to win a lot of fights to get this achievement. Into the career mode, after you win the WFA Championship, you should win at least 20 matches before you are offered no. One contender-ship match.

After winning this fight, you will get the chance to fight for the UFC title. Then after defending your titles a couple of times, you will be offered the Pride Grand Prix. Win 3 fights in a row to fulfil the final requirement of the achievement.

Getting A Leg Up
Defeat a COM on Advanced or higher in Exhibition or Tournament Mode with each Leg Submission

How to Get Getting a Leg Up Achievement/Trophy
You need to do the following submissions:

  • Ankle Lock: From an open guard (from above), press, LS.
  • Kneebar: From an open guard (from above), hold LB and press RS.
  • Flying Scissor Heel Hook: Only Sambo Fighters can do it. Run forward by press LS (keep it in the same direction) and then by holding LB, press RS.
  • Outside Heel Hook: You can do it only with a Sambo Fighter. Perform Ankle Lock and press RS.
  • Toe Hold: With Samba Fighter, from half guard, hold LB and then press LS+RS.

Face, Meet Foot
Rock an opponent with a Foot Stomp to the head in a PRIDE fight

How to get Face, Meet Foot Achievement/Trophy
While your opponent is down, you should be close enough so that you can kick him. Hold LB and press B to perform a Stomp move and get the achievement. The achievement can be attained only in Pride mode.

Running a Clinic
Transition to all the ground positions.

Accumulate 15 hours of fight time.

Even Rocky Had a Montage
Make your montage from the replays.

How to Get Even Rocky Had a Montage/Trophy
Whether you like it or not, you will have to go to the highlights’ option and take clips out of your best fights. The montage should have footage of 10 different fighters.

If you are having trouble with any other achievement or the ones mentioned here, let us know, and we will try to help you out.