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SWTOR Alignment Guide – Light and Dark

Your character in SWTOR can be aligned, it’s dependent on the decisions you make during the quests/missions.

You can be Dark, Neutral or light. The Dark and Neutral alignments are easy to develop but to become neutral you will have to balance between the two. You can keep an eye on your status by pressing the C key to get an overview of your character.

How to Align Your Character in SWTOR

The most common way to align your character is via the decisions you make during the quests/side missions. It’s dependent on what words you choose between the conversations; most of the conversations have a positive and a negative side. Choose the positive one to gain points over the light side and the negative ones for the dark.

How To Differentiate/Restart Conversations/Dialogues
It’s not very hard to differentiate between the dialogues, whether they’re for the light side or the dark. If you are still unsure, then you can always enable the SHOW CONVERSATION ALIGNMENT GAINfrom the options PREFERENCES > USER INTERFACE.

Just in case, if you change your mind during a conversation and want to change the dialogue you chose before can always be changed by pressing the ESC(APE) button to restart the conversation.

Dark and Light Appearance
Dark: Your character will gradually change his appearance with respect to Dark alignment. It will have an “Evilish’ look which will keep on growing with your statistics. The Dark Side also gives you the following titles:

  • Tier 3 – The Destructive
  • Tier 5 – The Loathsome

Light: The light side does not have any significant change in your character but does reward you with different titles:

  • Tier 3 – The Honorable
  • Tier 5 – The Pure

You can turn off the appearance change due to the corruption by simply changing the options PREFERENCES > SOCIAL & disable SHOW SITH CORRUPTION.

SWTOR Alignment Items
You will also get some items after doing the quests; the items are restricted to your character’s alignment. The rewards may differ for each side. There are some extra items which you can buy from the vendors too, this includes a special pet “Little Sandcrawler” for the Light, and “Interrogation Droid” for the dark side.

There are some crystal restrictions too, when you’ll reach the 1st level of the light side. You will not be able to use the RED color crystals, and when the dark side…you will not be able to use GREEN & BLUE color crystals. The neutral alignment gets the advantage here; you can use all sorts of crystals if you’re neutral.