New DLC for Gears of War 3 Announced

You want more Gears of War 3 content? Well, you got it! Epic Games has announced a new DLC for the game called, Forces of Nature and it will feature a collection of three new maps with each set in a natural disaster and two maps are remakes from previous Gears of War games.

The “old” maps in the DLC will be: Jacinto (from Gears of War 2) and Raven Down (Gears of War 1). The new maps will consist of: Aftermath, Artiellery and Cover.

In addition to the maps, the DLC will also include Easter Eggs in the form of special weapons hidden in the maps, “Elemental Cleavers.” Each cleaver seems to have their own unique properties.

There are new Achievements tied into the cleavers, such as: get 25 kills with them in Horde or Beast mode, etc. All in all, the DLC will net you a total of 250 Achievements points.

To round out the DLC, players will also get four new character skins, Commander Dom, Mechanic Baird, Savage Grenadier Elite and Savage Hunter. There will also be seven new weapon skins which can only be unlocked by playing through the Force of Nature content.

No price has been revealed just yet but don’t be surprised if it costs the same as the game’s previous DLC, which is 800 Microsoft Points and the release date will be on March 27.