Rumor: Next Xbox Codenamed Durango

It’s no secret that the next iteration of the Xbox will be upon us in the near future, it’s just a question of when and how powerful will the thing be. While we’re pondering over that, don’t be surprised to hear various news and rumors concerning the “Xbox 720” or whatever it’s officially going to be called; and we have just that.

Gaming blog Kotaku has heard from multiple sources that the code-name for Microsoft’s next console is Durango. Before any of you jump to conclusions, keep in mind that this just a code-name and as such, it will be renamed.

For reference, Kinect was code-named Natal and Nintendo’s Wii was code-named Revolution. Quite a big departure from their final names, no?

If this is indeed true, hopefully we’ll learn more about Durango as the months go by. Could an E3 reveal in May be possible? Stay tuned.

Source: Kotaku