More Details on Resident Evil 6

This week’s Famitsu has just survival-horror fans something to chew about by revealing a few more details about Capcom’s Resident Evil 6. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

  • The game is 50% complete
  • The President shown in the trailer — the one who attacks Leon — is the president who followed Ashley’s dad
  • The zombies in the game did not become zombies due to the T-Virus
  • The game’s third main character is meant to be someone young people can relate to
  • They’re aiming to make it a Resident Evil that is enjoyable to control, with a revamped control scheme. You’ll be able to move slowly left and right while holding your gun, and perform such moves as 180 degree turn, quick front/back/side evade, covering and so-forth.

To read the full reveal from Famitsu, click here.

As if learning that controls will be revamped wasn’t enough, Capcom has also spilled a few details regarding the game themselves.

  • The game’s primary location will be in China – in a fictitious town called Lanshiang
  • The story is set in 2013 and will have three protagonists
  • Chris Redfield, protagonist of Resident Evil 5 will have faced trauma six months before the events in RE6
  • Zombies will be smart enough to use weapons and instead of just staggering to get at players, they will run and jump at you

To read all the details Capcom has officially revealed, click here.

Whew! That’s a lot of info and the game isn’t due out for nine more months. Hopefully, it will live up to all the hype the series is known for, no?

Source: Andriasang & Siliconera