Max Payne 3 Story Trailer ‘Find My Wife’

We have waited anxiously for Max Payne 3 and knowing that, Rockstar has been acting all cunning and cute at the same time; teasing us with bits and pieces of the Max Payne 3 story on almost regular intervals, and it has been successful in keeping us psyched about the game.

One such teaser was released today (It’s not a screenshot showing bald Max, thankfully), revealing the turn of events that made our ex-cop turned guard ‘Max Payne’ taking the fight to the street gangs to find the whereabouts of a woman (Sexy hot wife of his employer) he was supposed to protect.

It doesn’t matter who is in his way – be it paramilitary forces or an elite police squad, he means business, and when Max means business, we know what happens NEXT!