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Final Fantasy Sazh DLC Coming Later this Month

Square Enix is readying a side story for Final Fantasy XIII-2 starring Sazh. The info was gathered from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. The DLC will be called,¬†“Heads or Tails” and it will also add new games to the casino.

This extra side-mission is slated to be out on February 28 for 600 Yen, which converts to $8 on the PSN store or 400 Microsoft Points.

In related news, the magazine also reveals that Noel’s knight costume and Serah’s swimsuit will also be available as paid DLC at the end of the month. If you’re that hard up for both, expect to pay around 300 Yen, which is $4 in US currency and about 240 Microsoft Points.

Any Final Fantasy XIII-2 fans excited for the Sazh DLC?

Source. Siliconera