Catch a Slice of Mass Effect 3’s “Take Earth Back” Trailer and Multiplayer Details

By now, chances are you’ve already downloaded and played Mass Effect 3’s demo, but that hasn’t stopped BioWare from teasing the game further. This time with a snippet of their upcoming “Take Earth Back” trailer which will debut this coming Sunday as a commercial for The Walking Dead. The full trailer will be 90 seconds long and will be CG rendered.

BioWare has also shared a few multiplayer details in a Q&A feature the publisher has done with combat designer Corey Gaspur and producer Billy Buskell.

One of the most commonly asked question was did the integration of multiplayer affect how the team at BioWare designed the game’s combat mechanics?

BB: From my personal experience, I think multiplayer ultimately improved the combat in the game as a whole.  The more we played multiplayer as a team (every night at supper for at least an hour 🙂 the better we were getting at dealing with enemies, using power combos, etc.  Because of this extensive play testing, the team was really able to ramp up the challenge on the higher difficulties.

To beat Insanity in the single player campaign, you’re really going to have to work for it!  The same can be said for Gold difficulty in multiplayer.  You’re really going to need to prepare for a Gold match much the same way as real life N7 operatives would.  Know the battlefield, bring the right kits, and equip the best gear to get the job done.

CG: Everything in ME3 was designed to feel powerful but balanced; this philosophy applies to SP and MP. The big challenge was ensuring that fans felt that each character and race had unique powers and builds which in-turn make’s each kit interesting and fun to play.

It was very important to us that each power and ability matched the characters race, playstyle and backstory.  We pushed very hard to ensure there is very little difference between gameplay in Single Player vs. Multiplayer.

To read the full interview, which even has fan questions answered by the BioWare team, click here.