Capcom Files New Trademark for Darkstalkers Game

By   /   Feb 16, 2012

Capcom’s latest fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken is almost complete and it seems like they already have another fighting game on the plate already. Capcom Japan has filed a trademark for Darkstalkers, a game that hasn’t seen a new franchise release since – well, since forever in gaming years.


For those who don’t remember or were too young to remember it, Darkstalkers is a fighting game that featured classic movie monsters as fighters instead of martial artists. You had Demitri the vampire prince, Morrigan the¬†succubus and much more.

It played like traditional Capcom fighters in the sense that it incorporated six buttons and traditional motions to pull off special moves. The game garnered a following due to its appealing cast of characters, gorgeous (at the time) special moves and supers.

Of course, this should all be taken with a grain of salt as Capcom has not officially commented on it yet; but one wonders why the publisher would even file a trademark if it didn’t have anything planned, no?

Source: Siliconera

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