Twisted Metal Weapons Guide

The latest installment in the long-running Twisted Metal series has various weapons players can use with every playable vehicle in the game. Each weapon has its own fire mode and damage effects to encourage you to try them all.

Following are the weapons you can choose to use with your vehicle of choice in Twisted Metal:

There are four variants of missiles included in the game. Power Missiles are damaging but don’t have the locking ability. Homing Missiles can track the targets well but do relatively lower damage.

Fire Missiles have intermediate tracking and damage. You can hold the concerned button and fire multiple missiles with Swarmer Missiles.

The explosion shell fired explodes on hitting the ground and do the damage to the enemies in range. You can also make hit ground faster by pressing the fire button again while the shot is in mid-air.

Remote Bomb
You can launch the bombs and then remote detonate them when required. There is also an option to zoom and aim the target.

The small rocket fired by the weapon will move around in the environment till it hits the target and explodes.

The weapons does for what it is known for. The bullets do a lot of damage at short range but at distance, it won’t benefit you in any way.

Sniper Rifle
The Sniper rifle can be used to blow opponent’s head off by a single fully charged shot. The longer you hold the button, the more damage it will inflict.

Super Gun Bullets
These bullets are effective upgrade for the machine gun.

Twisted Metal Side Arms

You can use these weapons to replace the default mounted guns. They have unlimited ammo and you can use them in both singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

Sub-machine Gun
The gun fires bullet with impressive fire rate.

Double-barreled Shotgun
One of the most dangerous side arms if you are close to an enemy. At distance, it is as good as nothing. L2 button can be used to fire two rounds quickly.

The side arm will fire multiple rockets in single fire. The regeneration time is more than normal.

Magnum Pistol
Although it has no homing but the damage is no less than any other side arm in the game. Each clip carries 6 rounds.

Mega Gun
The Gun plays as the pick-up gun in different maps and you can replace your side gun with this weapon. It has relatively more power than your already mounted weapons.

Twisted Metal Energy Based Attacks/Defenses

The energy bar at the bottom of the screen will tell you about the activation of your attacking or defensive shields. Each vehicle has different energy bar which regenerates over time after consumption.

An EMP pulse can be used to halt the enemy weapon for a couple of seconds. If you are hit by one then you should press the button as fast as you can to nullify the effect.

Rear EMP
It has the same function as the regular EMP but the pulse can be fired behind you.

The shield protects you from the projectiles for a short duration.

Absorption Shield
This not only protects you from the projectiles but also absorb them so that you can use them.

You can drop an explosive mine behind you which will explode on hitting the target.

Super Mines
They are same as the simple mines but can do more damage by utilizing more energy.

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