SWTOR Dual Spec and Legacy Races Planned For Patch 1.2

EA’s big bet in the MMO market, Star Wars: The Old Republic will be getting its 1.2 patch soon, but what can players expect from it aside from the standard bug fixes? The answer, it seems, will be the players’ Legacy.

In the game, it’s possible to gain Legacy levels but there’s no reward in doing so – at least as of the moment. Lead writer Daniel Erickson has confirmed that patch 1.2 will give players with Legacy levels access to a greater selection of races when they create new characters.

The species that will be unlocked in Game Update 1.2 are species currently in the game that will become available to classes and factions where you haven’t seen them before. New species are in consideration for the future but we don’t have any details to share right now

The patch will also bring in dual spec support. This will let players create two different skill set-ups and switch between them at any given time. However, players won’t be able to switch advanced classes, as BioWare sees the specialized skill trees that open up at level 10 as “fundamentally different class designs.”

Yep, it’s a good time to be a SW:TOR player, isn’t it? Are you awaiting the patch or do you want more drastic changes?

Source: PCGamer