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Massive Far Cry 3 Info Dump

Far Cry 3
Ubisoft has just released a ton of details on its upcoming shooter, Far Cry 3 to gaming magazine EDGE. If the magazine isn’t available in your area or you just want to know the details now, then we might be able to help you with that.

  • When you pause Far Cry 3, you’ll see regular menu options.
  • There is also “a blobby, butterfly-winged shadow of a Rorschach ink blot fill the screen, with peeks of lush foliage visible between splotches of darkness”.
  • Open-ended combat.
  • Plan bouts with enemies well before you face off.
  • You may decide to charge in for a frontal attack, hang back and snipe enemies from a distance, or place C4 on the side of a jeep and send it to an enemy encampment.
  • Freedom is tied to the story
  • Unlike Far Cry 2′s “hard-edged political cynicism”, Far Cry 3 is “a focus on the personal, charting one man’s spiral into violence, and quite possibly madness, on an archipelago where everyone else seems to have a head start”.
  • One mission is “a hallucinatory push through an island’s underground caves”.
  • In this mission, protagonist Jason Brody is injured and is searching for a doctor.
  • Brody heads up a slope and encounters a wooden house; Dr. Earnhardt is inside.
  • The doctor quickly administers an injection; he’s also “rambling to himself in a jittery, dreamy fashion”.
  • Earnhardt asks Brody to gather some mushrooms from a cave system nearby.
  • No shooting in this mission.
  • Platforming/exploration instead.
  • “Brody makes running jumps over precarious drops which can only be accessed through an underwater tunnel at the bottom of a cliff”.
  • There are crumbling handholds.
  • Things become unpredictable as you head into the caves’ depths.
  • “Colors begin to saturate before changing hue entirely. Perspective becomes unreliable, and objects that appear within reach one moment suddenly shrink from view.”
  • Brody looks at his hands that are “leaving ephemeral trails as they move through the air”.
  • Cave appears to be reshaping: walls become floors when he tries to climb them, plants pop up randomly.
  • Eventually Brody locates the mushrooms; setting has become night.
  • “Far Cry 3 isn’t going to be quite this psychedelic, but the scene clearly demonstrates the preoccupation with mental states that runs throughout the game”.
  • Dr Earnhardt is crazy while the island’s enemies are unstable as well.
  • Brody is beginning to lose his grip.
  • Although Brody was your typical guy on holiday with friends/his girlfriend, he is now thrown into a situation “that threatens to send him off rails”.
  • Players will have to contend with native fauna and domesticated animals.
  • Dev. team wanted the game “to be emotional and raw”.
  • Insanity was a word that came up often in early meetings.
  • Producer Dan Hay: “When we really felt like we captured it was when we got Vaas. That’s when the word ‘insanity’ crystallized for us”.
  • There are numerous villains in addition to Vaas.
  • Vaas is “a sociopath, and very nearly a psychopath”.
  • You’ll hear Dr. Earnhardt muttering about him.

If that’s not enough, you can read more here. Pick up the latest issue of EDGE for all the Far Cry 3 details. It’s also worth noting that Ubisoft will be deploying an all-new trailer this coming Thursday for the game. It’s a great time to be a Far Cry fan, no?