Soulcalibur 5 Unlockables Guide – Characters, Stages and More

Soulcalibur V takes place seventeen years after the events of Soulcalibur IV starring Patroklos, as the main protagonist of the game. If you have played the arcade mode and want to unlock everything in the game, you can refer to our unlockables guide below!

Soulcalibur V Characters and Stages

Character – Kilik
You can unlock him by defeating him in the Arcade mode (6th stage, as a quick battle or during Legendary Souls); a quick way to do that is to play as Maxi.

Stage – Penitentiary of Destiny
The stage, Penitentiary of Destiny is unlocked once you’ve gained Kirik.

Soul – Devil Jin
You will have to defeat Harada (Legendary Souls) or do a Quick Battle in Asia. Try to avoid fighting Harada as it is a difficult opponent and do the quick fighting instead.

Character – Alpha Patroklos
You can unlock this character at the start of the story mode’s 13th Chapter (by reaching level 13). Once you have unlocked Patroklos, all characters can use his fighting style.

Stage – Astral Chaos: Pathway
You can unlock his stage by fighting against Alpha Patroklos in the Quick Battle or by reaching the level 25.

Character – Pyrrha Omega
It can be unlocked by completing the 19th chapter (story mode). The original characters can also use her style and she can be customized.

Stage – Denever Castle: Eye of Chaos
You will unlock the stage “Denever Castle: Eye of Chaos” by completing the 19th episode of the story mode.

Character – Edge Master
It can be unlocked by completing the chapter 17 (story mode). You can customize him in the Creation.

Stage – Tower of Glory: Spiral of Good and Evil
The stage “Spiral of Good and Evil” is unlocked by defeating Edge Master in the Arcade or Legendary Souls mode.

Character – Elysium
Beat the story mode or reach Player Level 27 to unlock Elysium. Pyrrha Omega’s style is adopted by her for the story mode. It can be edited and her soul can be used by the Creations. She has her Critical Edge no matter what weapon she has equipped.

Stage – Utopia of the Blessed
With her, you also get the stage Utopia of the Blessed which has the music – Sacred Dawn.

Character – Algol
Simply defeat him in Legendary Soul/Quick Battle as Teramos/ in the Arcade Mode or by reaching the Player Level of 31.

Stage – Most Holy Dichotomy
The song of his stage “Tower of Glory: Most Holy Dichotomy” is Regalia.

Other Unlockables

Extra Route
The Extra Route has a different camera angle; you can unlock it for the Arcade Mode by reaching the player level of 17.

Souls Mode
Simply beat the Story Mode to unlock.