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Mass Effect 3 Trailers Show Weapon/Armor Customization, Story and More

Oh boy, just when every Mass Effect lover thought they knew a decent about the anticipated third installment of the game, BioWare comes up with not two, not three, but 5 different trailers for the game.

Yes people, the official Mass Effect 3 website has been updated with 5 different trailers, each one showcasing different features that range from weapon and armor customization to the epic story of the game.

There are also answers for those who felt that Mass Effect 2 was a little stripped down in-terms of customization and development, and urged to know about the system in the third game.

Also, the trailers offer a closer view of the online co-ops mode and its features, alongside the main quest, its narration and loads of action. And oh, don’t forget looking at some of the new and awesome enemies.

I recommend checking out their official website, as each video lives on a page that offers even more details on what to expect.

Mass Effect 3 launches for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC on the 6th of March.