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Kingdoms of Amalur The Travelers Quests Guide

You will mostly come across travelers in Kingdom of Amalur as traders, tinkers and thieves. They are a notorious bunch and rely on the prophetic powers of their anonymous leader, The Hierophant.

You will find them in Faelands in their main camps – Star Camp in Dalentarth, Moon Camp just outside Dokkalfar city of Rathir and Sun Camp in Detyre.

If you are curious to know their history and lead them to glory, you will get your chance to join them while moving from Glendara to Lorca-Rane.

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Kingdom of Amalur The Travelers Quests

Following is the complete quest-line of The Travelers in Kingdom of Amalur:

  1. The Guided Hands
  2. The Silent Step
  3. Jail Break
  4. Something Borrowed
  5. Going Rogue

How To Join The Travelers
When you’re moving from Glendara to Lorca-Rane, you’ll be addressed by a Traveler sentry. Accept his offer to trigger the first quest.

The Guided Hands
It will be triggered when you accept the offer of the sentry. Grim Onwig at Star Camp is the sentry who’ll give you this quest. Try to do the side-quest Reprisal Reprised if you cannot find the camp.

Locate Crilgaren from the Traveler’s camp and she will ask you to move to the Hierophant temple and pray. You’ll be tasked to steal a medallion, a pair of daggers and a shroud of a saint in a monastery. You can easily track them using your mini-map.

The Silent Step
Trigger the quest by finding Aergase (The Sidhe). He will tell you the location of the boots and the Fae lord i.e. in Arduath.

Either go for full-blown attack or follow defend and avoid strategy. Grab the boots and take them to the Star Camp. You can explore the dungeon once you’ve killed Ametair.

Note: Don’t try to save/load the game during the battle with Ametair.

Jail Break
Search for Grim Onwig at Ohn’s Stand (Lorca-Rane). The dungeon is very big and full of enemies so you should try to explore it first and then do the quest. Whenever you do, make sure you’re well equipped and have a good armor.

There are three ways to get Onwig out: Get his stealth kit, steal the Missives of Sable and use it as a bargain or by getting the key. The easier way is to grab the key from the Gnome captain or get Onwig’s stuff. You can return to Star Camp once the thief is out.

Something Borrowed
Take this quest from the Star Camp’s leader. Move to the Moon Camp (Plains of Erathell) to start this quest. Talk to the elf’s leader in the second camp and to the Hierophant statue after. It will ask you for three items and suggest you to have more information about Irion and Maire.

Let the awareness meter fall down and drink some invisibility potions. Get closer to the cowl-bearer and take the items. Once you have the items, you can get back to Star Camp.

Going Rogue
Irion will redirect you to the Hierophant and you’ll be assigned a stealing task again. A traveler will go with you and you’ll move towards the dungeon of Rithen (Twili Coast).

You will have to work with Phasmer to go through the dungeon. The quest is quite easy and it doesn’t have that hard of enemies. Simply proceed forward and steal the items you have to.

The path of the hallway has a trap on it so you will have to be careful while leaving. Somebody will help you just when you’re about to leave. Take that medicine to Phasmer, a story locked amulet will be given to you as a reward.

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