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CryEngine 3 To Power The New Open-World RPG By Warhorse

Warhorse has managed to close a deal with Crytek to use CyrEngine 3 for its unannounced RPG game. It won’t be surprising if you haven’t heard the name “Warhorse” before as it’s still a new entrant in the game industry, and is founded by the former developers of Mafia and Operation Flashpoint.

For the time being, all we know about the game is the image in which a warrior on his horse is struggling in the battlefield.

The game will be an open world RPG but in the age where we are stuffed with the classic RPGs like Skyrim, can these guys bring something unique for the fans? They have the following answer on the website:

Even if our new project is different in many respects, it is a game that is not going to disappoint fans of open realistic worlds and quality stories. We are positive and we are not making this game for ourselves only but for you as well

Regardless of the fact that how the game plays, stamp of CryEngine 3 is sufficient to assume that the game’s graphics will be more than just average.