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Bethesda Reveals Skyrim Game Jam 2011 Video

During Todd Howard’s DICE keynote speech, he showed a number of videos and one of ’em was what the studio refers to as Game Jam 2011.

The video shows off what the team at Bethesda did after the development of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The team was given a week to mess around with the game and the results are something else.

There’s new weapon types, elemental arrows, and even a new werewolf skill tree! Keep in mind this doesn’t mean all the things shown here will make it as DLC. While the possibility is there, it’s up in the air if they’re going to release any of the ideas in the video.

Interesting stuff, no? What do you want to see in the video that would make a good addition to Skyrim’s universe? I know a lot of people wouldn’t say no to an all-new skill tree.

Source: VentureBeat