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God of War 4 To Be Announced At Destination PlayStation Event ?

It looks like retailer Future Shop might have spoiled God of War 4’s official announcement. During a retailers-only Sony PlayStation event, Future Shop’s twitter was actively tweeting stuff and it accidentally slipped that a God of War 4 announcement is indeed forthcoming.

In a brief tweet exchange with other people, the retailer was asked about Sony’s  mythological series and it answered with this:

@brad_re: @FS_Gamer …god of war 4 announcement as a final maybe?!” Great Question. (;

That tweet has since been removed. Giving more evidence that it was indeed premature and  that possibly someone from Sony or from the retailer’s top brass  have noticed it and wanted it redacted for obvious reasons.

While God of War 3’s ending was left open for interpretation, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Sony does indeed revisit the franchise again. It is a huge money-maker and a big franchise in Sony’s stable of IPs.

Keep in mind that this is still a rumor until confirmed by Sony but odds are, God of War 4 will be unveiled soon…maybe at E3 during Sony’s press conference?

Source: NeoGaf