Kingdoms of Amalur Fence Locations – How To Sell Stolen Items

In Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning, honest merchants won’t buy your stolen goods. Does this mean that you were risking it all for nothing?

Ofcourse not, you still can sell the goods to the buyers called “fence”. They will buy the stolen items from you and give a healthy price. That’s all you want, right?

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Where To Sell Stolen Items

Trader Hidon is the first fence you will come across in the game. You can find him in the Star Camp. If you haven’t been able to explore the location (Star Camp) then you should head to Castle Yolvan and meet Penri Kell.

You will be assigned a short quest that will lead you to Star Camp where you can find the concerned person. Simple is that. You can also choose to break the loot into smaller components which can be used in blacksmithing or you can sell them to the fences for lower price.

If you find any other Fence in Kingdom of Amalur, let us know in comments and we will add it up.