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Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Tasks Guide

Tasks in Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning are side-missions, similar to the quests, but are bigger than side-quests and often repeatable. If you want to take a break from the main story-line, sign-up for a task and complete it to earn extra XP and farm some gold.

XP earned through tasks will help you level up faster whereas gold earned can be used to buy high-level items and other consumables. For more help on Kingdom of Amalur, read our Trainer Locations, Destiny Builds and Side Quests Guide.

Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning Tasks

Following are some of the tasks you can do in Kingdom of Amalur:

Long Overdue
The task is activated after you’ve reached Albastra. It’s a very long and a hectic one, probably from the start to finish. You have to deliver 10 books to the shelf of Brother Til’s (Mitharu Shrine’s Reqliquary, Gorhart). Talk to the bookshelf to trigger the task.

Note: The books are all stolen items; if a guard will catch you then he will confiscate that particular book from you. Some of the locations such as Adessa and Rathir are unlocked after a lot of game-play, be patient.

Reprisal Reprised
This is something which you will have to do to initiate the Travelers quest. Penri Kell (Yolvan) will agree to introduce you to the Traveler’s faction, but on one condition. You will have to help her re-enact a Fae ballad so she can complete a treasure of hers.

Objective: Kill 4 antelope bucks (via stealth ways) & grab their heads. They’re common in the Eastern Odaratyh. You will have to fight off a mini-boss too, it’s not very hard, just use your powerful abilities and make sure you loot its corpse.

Gathering Flames
The task is triggered from Didenhil – go to the Crafting Hall and then talk to Murdoc Hain, learn about the potions of fire so you can kill Boggarts. You will have to collect Scarwoood Bark (northern sides of Didenhil) and Tindertwig (Ironhold Passage) and then combine these to make Blazing Salve to complete the task.

Resting the bones
Webwood – It is automatically triggered when you’ve picked up any of the silkfarmer’s remains. You can also locate the six corpses of the other party by tracking the quest and then simply interact with them in Canneroc.

Hair of the Dog
The merchant of the alchemy shop (Canneroc) will ask you to get her 15 poison glands from the spiders. Just collect them and report to her.

Keeper of the Keys
Once you’ve completed The Guided Hands, you will be asked to get the prison keys of Adessa, Rathir and Mel Senshir (Faelands) by a Star Camp person in the name of Argaivan Hand.

The keys can be taken by getting jailed (so make sure you store the items which can be taken away) or steal them directly from the head jailers.

Don’t forget to share any other tasks you find difficult in Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning.