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Darkness 2 Relics Location Guide – Relic Hunter Achievement/Trophy

To make your adventure slightly more engaging, Darkness 2 has hidden relics that you can collect for different achievements/trophies. There are a total of 29 Relics spread throughout the single player campaign of the game.

If you gather 5 of these Relics, you will complete Mmmm Essence! for 10 points and collecting them all will earn you Relic Hunter achievement for 50 points.

Darkness 2 Relic Locations

We have briefly described locations where you can find these relics. If text doesn’t cut it for you, there is a video that you walks you through all 29 relics that can be collected in Darkness 2.


Relic Location #1
When you meet darkling, there is door at the end of the room that will lead you to this relic.

Relic Location #2
When you move down the stairs to the subway, take a left and then a left again to find the relic.


Relic Location #3
After heading upstairs, head into the bedroom and collect it from the table.

Q & A

Relic Location #4
In the tavern, there is a room with machines on the sides. The relic can be found beside the machine. Ofcourse, you will have to clear the area first before getting the item.

Relic Location #5
When you find the portal, take a left and keep following the path to find this relic.

Relic Location #6
When you get to the broken crane, you can find a relic behind the crane in a hut.

Relic Location #7
When you are in the room with a conveyor belt, jump over it and enter the door in the racks. You will be able to find the relic on the floor.

Relic Location #8
When you enter the next room after seeing the portal. You will find a generator on the left. Destroy it and get the relic inside.

Strong Silent Type

Relic Location #9
As the level starts, turn right and walk to the end of the path to find the relic behind the truck.

Relic Location #10
When the enemies burst through the door in slow motion, take them out first and then collect the relic which can easily be spotted there on the left.

Deal with the Devil

Relic Location #11
After taking control of Jackie, head right to find the relic.

Relic Location #12
After moving down the blue stairs, you should turn right before you enter the door. The relic is lying the stairs ahead.

Home Invasion

Relic Location #13
In the room with floodlights where you also deal with a couple of enemies, there is a another room to the right where you can talk to a person. The door at the end of the hallway has the relic that you are looking for.

Go to next page for the remaining locations where you can find these relics and a video walkthrough.

Relic Location #14
Look for a relic in the Kitchen, by the fireplace in the next room.

Saying Goodbye

Relic Location #15
When you talk to Jimmy, turn left to find the Relic behind the statue.

Relic Location #16
Destroy the generator and move through the door. You will find a mausoleum; look for relic behind it.

Fun and Games

Relic Location #17
In the Carnival, first take a left towards the light then take a right to reach the location of the relic.

Relic Location #18
You will see two AI members running away at the start of the section. Follow the location from where they came from and you will find another relic.

Relic Location #19
After the second game is over and you have dealt with the enemies, doors to the left side will open where you can find another relic.

Relic Location #20
When you enter the house (after throwing explosive at the gate), you will be able to spot a goon on the other side. You can target the lamp and get the relic on the table.

Relic Location #21
When you get to the garage, look for a relic behind the truck.

Relic Location #22
Look for a relic in the ticket booth.

Rat in a Maze

Relic Location #23
After meeting with Jackie and dealing with the opponents, head inside and look a little to the left to get the relic.

Relic Location #24
The room where you (as Jackie) get the rifle also has the relic waiting for you.


Relic Location #25
When you take down the wall, instead of progressing through, use the hole opened to reach the relic.

Relic Location #26
After finding the portal, try not to fall into the hole ahead. You should use the plant on the left as a bridge. Meanwhile, if you look through the broken wall, you will find a relic inside.

Last Stand

Relic Location #27
In the attic room, move down the small stairs and look for the relic in a corner next to the “Hellgate Field” sign.

Heart of Darkness

Relic Location #28
Instead of going to the person, head right to find the relic.

Relic Location #29
When you are about to pull the obstacle object using darkness, you should go right to find the relic first.

You can watch the video below for detailed walkthrough of these locations (Thanks. Gametastik):

If you still can’t find any of these relics, let us know in comments and we will help you out.