SSX Features Trailer Shows Global Events and GeoTags

By   /   Feb 6, 2012

EA has released the second part of SSX Online features documentary series featuring Creative Director, Tod Batty talking about the game’s online global events (multiplayer) and user-generated collectibles known as GeoTags.

Global Events are different from the usual lobby based friendly match-ups, since they give you the freedom to hope-in, record your best-time and move onto the next event. The best part is, they are live at all-times at different locations of the World so you can join-in when you feel like.

Geo Tags on the other hand are user-generated tags that can be dropped anywhere on a level and until they are picked up by your friends, you will continue earning credits. Pretty convenient, isn’t it ?

You can watch the video after the break and see it all:

SSX launches on February 28 in US and March 2 in UK for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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