Resident Evil Revelations Handprints Locations Guide

Handprints are one of the collectibles present in Resident Evil Revelations. Once you come across any handprint, you need to scan it to make it count. And if you manage to collect 15 of them, you will unlock PSG1 Rifle while collecting all 30 handprints will net you a G18 handgun. So yes, handprint collection in Resident Evil Revelations is not just a time waste.

Some of these handprints are easy to come by but for others, you will have to do a little searching. Worry not though, as we have got a useful guide for you that will help you find these collectibles.

Resident Evil Revelations Handprints Locations

We have covered handprints locations in each episode but the text is description. Look for the relevant episode to find the missing handprint.

Episode 1 (Into the Depths)

Handprint #1
Location. While you are at the beach, move through the tunnel and look for a FBC container that can be find on the right side. Scan the container to get the handprint.

Handprint #2
Location. You will find a vending machine near the kitchen in the dining area. Scan both the machines there and one of them will have the handprint.

Handprint #3
Location. You need to go to the corridor towards the eastern section of the crew quarters. In that corridor, you need to scan the lower part of the wall at the south to find the handprint.

Handprint #4
Location. You can find it at the place where Racheal was killed. The handprint is lying next to the computer monitor.

Episode 2 (Double Mystery)

Handprint #5
Location. After chris opens the door of the cockpit in the crashed plane, scan the section and you will find the print on the control panel.

Handprint #6
Location. After fighting off the wolves and after the discussion about Jill, scan the alcove on the left before you jump down the ledge.

Handprint #7
Location. While you are at cafeteria (dining room section), the handprint can be found on a turkey placed there.

Handprint #8
Location. When you wake up in the room, go to the bathroom and you will find a handprint above the bathtub.

Handprint #9
Location. While you are at the bridge, the handprint is on the glass of the window that gives you the view to the ocean. Activating the console will end the episode but you should worry as you can get back here in future.

Episode 3 (Ghost of Veltro)

Handprint #10
Location. Scan the wall near the main stairs in the opera room to find a handprint.

Handprint #11
Location. You need to scan the wall exactly opposite to the communications room.

Handprint #12
Location. After completing the wire puzzle, enter the room and scan the wall with multiple electronic boxes.

Handprint #13
Location. During your encounter with “Comms Boss”, you can find a print in the kitchen. Scan the lower floor to find it.

Handprint #14
Location. After you are done with the “Comms Boss”, you can find a handprint on the boxes stacked in the corner.

Episode 4 (A Nightmare Revisited)

Handprint #15
Location. Head back to the Solarium, after the pool water is clear, use the ladder to get to the diving board. You will find a handprint at its tip.

Handprint #16
Location. In the casino, scan the slot machines on the southwestern section. One of the machines has got the handprint.

Episode 5 (Secrets Uncovered)

Handprint #17
Location. You will find a Veltro banner in the cell where Chris was tied up. Scan it to find the handprint.

Handprint #18
Location. While you are in the conference room, scan the right section of the projector screen on the west side of the room.

Handprint #19
Location. When Jill and Parker have reached the designated spot (Freight Lift), you will find a cabinet in the southern section. Scan the book placed above the cabinet.

Episode 6 (Cat and Mouse)

Handprint #20
Location. After the Draghignazzo is beaten, you will have to repair a control box for Jill and Parker. Scan the control box before doing that and you will the handprint.

Episode 7 (The Regia Solis)

Handprint #21
Location. At the foredeck where there is a dining area, you will find many tables placed there. You need to go to the table near the door in the south and scan it to get the handprint.

Handprint #22
Location. Still at the foredeck, you need to find a bow pulpit. It’s in the western section of the deck. Scan the floor there to find the handprint.

Episode 8 (All the line)

Handprint #23
Location. When you swim back to the surface for the first time, move up the ladder and look for the handprint in the small room. The handprint can be found on the console.

Handprint #24
Location. After you scan your fingerprint to gain access, scan the lockers to find the handprint.

Handprint #25
Location. After you have defeated Scarmiglione, you can find a hand print on the left side of the fish tank.

Handprint #26
Location. After leaving the elevator near the fish tank, scan the left side of the archway that comes first.

Episode 9 (No Exit)

Handprint #27
Location. Once you are at the Lab’s Morgue, look for a tower computer placed on the desk in southwestern section of the room. Scan the area behind this computer and you find the handprint.

Episode 11 (Revelations)

Handprint #28
Location. In the same area, you will find a cylinder in the opposite direction of the boss. Scan the cylinder to get the handprint.

Episode 12 (The Queen is Dead)

Handprint #29
Location. The dining room where you will find plenty of dead bodies is a bloody wall near the wrecked clock. Scan the wall to find the handprint.

Handprint #30
Location. Scan the section under the throne before the battle begins with the final boss.

Comment if you can’t locate any handprint. We will try to help you out.