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Final Fantasy 13-2 Monster Adornments Guide

Monsters are very helpful in your battle to fix the time in Final Fantasy 13-2 and it really helps when your monster is equipped with good accessories. You can customize your monster with Adornments, which are scattered throughout Final Fantasy 13-2.

Here are few you can use to customize your monster to better serve your needs. To find rare and hidden monsters, read our Rare Monsters and Hidden Monsters location guide.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Monster Adornments Locations

Monster Adornment #1 – Leabreu’s Olive Tattoo
Location. When you wake up in your house after understanding how time-travel works (Explained by Noel), look for a box in your room. Open it to retrieve this Adornment.

Monster Adornment #2 – Silver Gear
Location. Successfully complete the real-time battle with Paradox Alpha (Buttons mashing during the cut-scene) and you will get it as a reward.

Monster Adornment #3 – Orange Newsboy Cap
Location. When you make your way to Atlas, take the path up the ramp and follow it down instead of facing him. You will come across a SHOP – Look for a chest on the other side of it. Open the chest to retrieve this adornment.

Monster Adornment #4 – Fragment Crystal
Location. Defeat Atlas and you will get it as a reward.

Purchasing Monster Adornments
Go to Chocolina (SHOP) in Oreba and browse the special items section. You will find several monster adornments in this section. Choose the one’s you like and make your monster look exactly how you want it to be.

If you find any other accessory you can equip your Monster to change its appearance, do let us know in the comments.