Spellcraft: School of Magic Walkthrough Guide

Spellcraft: School of Magic is a new game for the iPhone in which you are an apprentice who’s working for a magic school. You will learn and cast different spells in the game, and also prepare a variety of potions.

Just like all the schools, you are not the only teacher. The problem is that the other wizards are lost/trapped in the dungeon and you must find them. As there are lots of dangers, you will have to get ready and be ready to fight, so for that you will have to learn/prepare different spells and potions as you’re a magician and not a warrior.

Character Building
The character name and gender can be edited; you can change the clothes as well. The character appearance can be changed for free but you will have to unlock the items and the jewelry by performing different tasks and objectives. You can get access to the menu by tapping onto the Dormitory door.

Gold, Gems & Currency
Gold is the main currency of the game. Whenever you will complete a task or an objective you will be rewarded with some gold. Whereas the red gems have more value than the gold. Leveling up will also give you a bonus amount.

Both of these currencies can be bought by the real money – simply tap onto the currency icon (top-right) and then select the store. There are 6 bundles from where you can choose… the bill will come to your iTunes account.

The place from where you can get access to the other rooms of the castle. You will have to keep an eye on the statistic bars to fulfill your aim.

  • AA: Your health
  • BB: The level of your magic
  • CC: XP, your level is increased every time you fill it.
  • DD: The amount of your possessions (gold and gems)

The places/rooms of the castle have their own unique functions; you can access them for their appropriate uses.

Bestiary: The pets of the dungeons are taken care of at the bestiary. You can adopt the animals you find in the dungeon. That animal will be given its own special area so you can buy food from the shop and feed your animal. The advantage of having a pet is that it will give you extra bonuses and XP.

Dueling: If you’re interested to battle a friend, then come here.

Greenhouse: The plants are grown over here, for the potions. The greenhouse is locked at the start but it will be useful once you’ve leveled up.

Once you are able to buy an empty plot, simply touch on it and you will see a list of all the available plants which you can grow there. Some of the plants are free of cost and the better ones need some money to be spent. They can be harvested after sometime of plantation, a green bulb indicates that the plant is ready.

As the growth of the plants takes some time, you can buy fertilizers to speed-up the process. When you’re level 5 you can buy a fertilizer bag for one gem whereas the SUPER fertilizer costs 2 gems per bag.

Spell Library: All the potions are processed here. Click on the library and a list of recipes will appear. By tapping on a recipe, you will see the ingredients and the amount which is required to create it. If you have all the ingredients to make that particular recipe then you will see a check mark.

You will have to play a mini-game to process the ingredients and swirl the potion as you’re cooking with the help of your fingertip.

Dungeon: This is from where you can release the trapped teachers.

Dormitory – Change the appearance of your character.

Store: There are two categories in the store; one is for purchasing the plants and seeds. You can buy these so you can make the potions later on, whereas you can simply buy clothes and jewelry from the “Clothing” section.

Closet: The closet is your inventory; all your items which you have bought for future use are stored over here. Just for when, if you run out of funds then you can sell your items.

Fighting Strategy
Once you’re in the battle, you will see a number of spells at the bottom of the screen. These are all the spells which you have created or purchased. You can simply tap on a spell and use it against on your opponent, make sure you choose it wisely. If you are unsure then you can use the “chaos” spell.

Right after you’ve selected the spell, you will see a magical stick getting charged with a beam of energy. You can charge the energy even further if you hold your finger onto the stick for some time and then release it when the energy is about to reach to the top of the stick.

This way you will get an energy boost and also a feedback (Strong, Week, Poor etc.) which indicates the level of energy boost you’ve generated. The spell you select for your opponent is very important to defeat it. There are different types of enemies/monsters and they have different categories.

You will have to judge their characteristics by observing the colors behind them. If the enemy has fire-like characteristics then you’ll have to choose a water spell and if it has earth like characteristics then choose a fire one.

Combat Rules: Fire will beat earth, Earth will beat water, Water will beat fire and Chaos is random.

The game is linked up with the Game Center account; your achievements are notified every time you’ve achieved them and can be also seen by visiting your Game Center account. The gear icon from the main menu has the standard settings from where you can modify the game’s music and sound effects.

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