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LoL Ashe Guide – Builds, Strategy and Roles

Xan Hisam – The descendant of Avarosa and Queen of Freljord is a master of the bow. Infusing her arrows with the icy winds of Freljord, Ashe can slow her targets to a crawl.

Ashe has a high range on all her attacks and abilities and is deadly when at a distance from the enemy. However, with low base movement speed and defense stats, coupled with a lack of escape abilities make her an easy target with no real survivability. Ashe is classified as a ranger and a carry.

Ashe Abilities

Focus (Innate Passive)
While out of combat, Ashe’s critical strike chance increases every few seconds for her next attack. The bonus critical strike chance dissipates afterwards. Bonus critical strike chance gained every few seconds increases with Ashe’s level.

Frost Shot (Q)
(Toggle) While active, each of Ashe’s basic attacks slow her targets. Frost Shots costs mana per attack when toggled.

Volley (W)
Ashe fires arrows in a cone for increased damage.

Hawkshot (E)
(Passive) Each time Ashe kills a unit, she gains extra gold. (Active) Ashe sends out her Hawk Spirit on a scouting mission, revealing areas as it travels over terrain on to its target location. Upon reaching its destination, the Hawk Spirit explodes, granting vision in a greater radius for some time.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R)
Ashe fires a missile of ice in a straight line. If the arrow collides with an enemy champion, it deals damage and stuns the champion for a couple of seconds, based on how far the arrow has traveled. In addition, surrounding enemy units take half damage and are slowed.

Your Guide To Ashe Abilities

Frost Shot toggles off automatically when out of mana. Hawkshot does not reveal stealthed units or objects. Volley applies Ashe’s current level of Frost Shot to targets hit. The enemy champion hit with Enchanted Crystal Arrow is also slowed in addition to the stun.

Each arrow in Volley hits only one enemy, and an enemy can only be hit by one arrow. If Ashe shoots Enchanted Crystal Arrow at an enemy while standing at point blank range, the arrow will stun the enemy but the graphic for Enchanted Crystal Arrow will still appear and it would seem as if the arrow simply passed through the enemy. Ashe’s abilities aren’t damage oriented and are better suited for tactical awareness and crowd control.

Volley and Enchanted Crystal Arrow are the only two abilities that deal damage, and both have their damage outputs modified by different stats. The damage for Volley is directly proportional to Ashe’s attack damage, while the damage for Enchanted Crystal Arrow scales with ability power.

How To Play With Ashe in League of Legends

Ashe has great range, and it’s difficult for opponents to move up to her when she’s constantly slowing them with Frost Shot. Use Volley and Frost Shot to slow enemy champions that are chasing you.

Use the same abilities to damage your targets and to finish them off and not let them escape. Use Hawkshot on nearby brushes for awareness and/or when an enemy champion is moving towards them to make you lose visibility.

Starter Build
Much like most started builds, we’ll focus on defense. Since Ashe has extremely low defense and health, improving it is crucial to grant her some survivability. This should let you learn more easily, as any mistakes you make during a match won’t have as devastating after-effects on the game as they would otherwise. Your loadout should include the following selection of runes, masteries and summoner spells:

Fit armor penetration runes in your slots for Marks, flat armor in Seals and magic resistance per level runes for Glyphs. Equip a different rune for all three Quintessence slots. One armor penetration Quintessence, one flat armor Quintessence and one magic resistance per level Quintessence.

For masteries, take the standard 21/9/0 setting. Take all attack damage related offensive masteries all the way down to ‘Executioner’, the final mastery. Do take the +3% lifesteal mastery. You can take that ‘+4 damage to minions’ mastery as well, as it helps a lot in last hitting minions. For defense, get +6 armor, +2 magic resistance and all the health related masteries you can get with the remaining points.

Select ‘Flash’ and ‘Ghost’ or ‘Flash’ and ‘Exhaust’ as your summoner spells. ‘Flash’ is necessary, as it gives you a much needed escape ability. ‘Ghost’ makes up for Ashe’s low base movement speed, making it easier to chase your target or escape a pursuer. Having ‘Exhaust’ instead of ‘Ghost’ in your repertoire gives you an extra slow. It’s also good for reducing a target’s damage output.

Ashe Items, Abilities and Tips

Buy Doran’s Blade at the start of a match. If you’re having a fine match, and have a few kills or a lot of gold when you make your first visit back to the store, buy a BF Sword and boots. If not, just buy a Vampiric Scepter and boots.

Upgrade your boots to Mercury Treads and make a Bloodthirster when you have enough gold. Start working on Banshee’s Veil as your next item. When done with Banshee’s Veil, make a Warmog’s Armor followed by an Atma’s Impaler.

For your final item, you can either get an Infinity Edge for greater damage or Last Whisper if the enemy team has high armor or a Phantom Dancer if you think your damage is enough and you need movement speed along with attack speed.

Level Volley first, leveling Frost Shot when Volley is unavailable. Get Enchanted Crystal Arrow at level 6, improving it at levels 11 and 16. You can unlock Hawkshot at level 4 if you need it’s active for scouting, or you can simply choose to level it when you’re done leveling all the other abilities.

Ashe is a simple character to play as. The only thing that’s going to require a bit of practice is Ashe’s ultimate. When you’ve learned to land Ashe’s ultimate across the map; from one end to the other, you can kind of say you’ve mastered the champion.

At the start, land your first hit on the enemy champion, since you should have 100% critical chance by then because of your passive. This is extremely useful for harassing enemy opponents. Do this always when you’re coming back to the lane from base, as you should usually reach 100% critical chance by the time you reach the enemy.

Last-hit as many minions as you can, a high creep score is critical for Ashe when you’re the carry. Pelt your enemies with Volley when they’re in the open and there’s no minion in the way to block your arrow. Use Enchanted Crystal Arrow as much as you can.

It can be used for a lot of different purposes such as initiating a team-fight, stopping an escaping enemy champion, saving turrets and for fleeing from any pursuers as it stuns the enemy it collides with and slows other surrounding enemies.

Try to land it from a distance for maximum effect. The longer Enchanted Crystal Arrow travels before coming into contact with an enemy champion, the longer the stun duration on it.

Ashe Advanced Play-Styles Builds and Strategy Guide

Ice Queen (Support and Crowd-Control)
Masteries: 21/0/9
Get the standard physical damage related masteries from offense along with cooldown reduction and attack speed down to the ‘Executioner’ mastery. Spend points on mana per level and the ‘Swiftness’ mastery, and use the remaining points on ‘Meditation’ in utility.

Runes: Armor penetration runes in Marks, flat armor in Seals and cooldown reduction per level in Glyphs. Equip movement speed increase runes in all 3 slots for Quintessences.

Summoner Spells: ‘Flash’ and ‘Ghost’.

Abilities: Unlock Frost Shot on level 1 and then Volley on level 2. Keep leveling Frost Shot and Volley, spending only one point on Hawkshot at level 4. Max out Frost Shot first and then Volley. Get Enchanted Crystal Arrow on level 6 and upgrade it at levels 11 and 16. Improve Hawkshot when you’ve maxed out all the other abilities.

Items: Start the match with boots and potions. When you get back to the store, buy components for Nashor’s Tooth and upgrade your shoes to Boots of Swiftness. Finish up on Nashor’s Tooth and make Wit’s End. Make Banshee’s Veil next and follow it up with Madred’s Bloodrazor. Buy a Phantom Dancer as your final item.

Support play-style focusing on survivability and crowd control. Let’s you reach the cooldown cap easily, allowing you to cast your ultimate and abilities over and over. This build works better early game and mid-game, and is cheap.

Doesn’t deal enough damage late game, and it can take too long to finish off enemies after a match has gone on for more than 40 minutes. Relies on setting up kills for team-mates, rather than having enough offense to kill people yourself, and can therefore be completely ineffective if your team-mates aren’t good enough.

You don’t have to do much when playing Ashe this way, except repeatedly hitting enemies to keep them slowed and casting Volley over and over for damage. Kill minions at a moderate pace, and keep casting Enchanted Crystal Arrow across the map whenever you get the chance.

You’ll learn to land your arrows from so far out after some practice. At level 5, Volley’s cooldown should be barely 4 seconds and it can go below 3 seconds at maximum cooldown reduction.

You can continually cast it when being chased to slow all pursuers, making it impossible for the opposition to chase you and your team-mates. Stay at the back-end in team-fights, and use your abilities and attacks to keep your enemies slowed.

Master Archer (All-out AD)
Masteries: 29/0/1
Take all physical damage related, armor penetration, attack speed, critical chance and damage and cooldown reduction masteries. Get the ‘Havoc’ and ‘Executioner’ masteries as well. Spend points on masteries that increase damage dealt to turrets as well as the masteries that increase damage dealt to minions. Take the mastery that reduces the cooldown for ‘Flash’ from utility.

Runes: Flat attack damage runes in all slots.

Summoner Spells: ‘Flash’ and ‘Exhaust’.

Abilities: Take Volley on level 1 and Frost Shot on level 2. Keep leveling Volley. Get Hawkshot on level 4, and max it out after you’re done with all the other skills. Take Frost Shot whenever Volley isn’t available. Unlock and upgrade ultimate at levels 6, 11 and 16.

Items: Buy Doran’s Blade at the beginning of the match. Purchase BF Sword or Pickaxe on your first visit to the store depending on how much gold you’ve made and shoes. Rush Infinity Edge and upgrade your boots to Boots of Swiftness.

Focus on completing Last Whisper as your next item. After that, make a Zeal and follow it up by converting it into a Phantom Dancer. Make 2 Bloodthirsters back-to-back as your final items.

Glass-cannon play-style. Flat damage should give a massive boost to your damage output. You should have enough damage early on to take out most enemy champions in a few attacks. However, this play-style leaves you vulnerable since you have no defense and just ‘Flash’ for survivability. The items are expensive and can take some time to get made, making it difficult to recover after a bad start.

Keep harassing enemies with Volley and auto-attacks whenever they’re in your range. Last hit minions as much as you can, and hit the enemy champion whenever moving back to a lane from base since your passive should give you a definite critical strike. The critical strike can take out about 30-50% of a champion’s health early on in the game.

Position yourself well and time your auto-attacks. Use Volley to slow multiple enemies when possible. Initiate team-fights with your arrow, targeting champions other than the primary tank in the opposite team.

Stay at the back, and let others be the first ones in during team-fights. You can’t take any damage because of your defense. Ashe should be able to kill anyone in a few seconds when built this way, but she dies at the same pace.

How To Counter Ashe

Ashe is easy to counter. Try to kill her in single, large bursts. Extended fights will usually go in Ashe’s favor.

Stand behind minions or move out of range to evade Volley. Whenever trying to kill Ashe, try to rush up to her, otherwise you won’t be able to catch her, because she can continually slow you and run away. Never try to kill alone Ashe in turret range when she has Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

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