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Mass Effect 3 Will Leave No Loose Ends, May Make Some Angry And Others Happy

Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3 is just over a month away from grasp, and to spice things up, BioWare has confirmed that it will leave no loose ends in its storyline, answering every bit of question that is raised in the story.

But what’s more important is, that BioWare has stated that the ending of Mass Effect 3 may actually ‘anger’ some and make others happy.

Speaking to Eurogamer, producer Mike Gamble has backed up his writers and stated that there will be no doubts in the player’s mind as far as the story is concerned. He also stated that some will be really happy towards the end of the game, while others will be angry.

“It’s going to make some people extremely happy. It’s going to make some people angry. But that’s part of it, right? To invoke the emotion putting some of these stories to bed will naturally bring up.”

“I honestly think the player base is going to be really happy with the way we’ve done it. You had a part in it. Every decision you’ve made will impact how things go. The player’s also the architect of what happens.”

“You’ll get answers to everything. That was one of the key things. Regardless of how we did everything, we had to say, yes, we’re going to provide some answers to these people.”

Like Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 will allow you to import your save files and continue the story with the effects of your decisions in the previous game(s). More essentially, Gamble stated that in Mass Effect 3 decisions will have even bigger impacts than they did in the previous two.

Because a lot of these plot threads are concluding and because it’s being brought to a finale, since you were a part of architecting how they got to how they were, you will definitely sense how they close was because of the decisions you made and because of the decisions you didn’t make.

The sci-fi action RPG game will feature Commander Shepard in his/her ultimate mission – to fend off the Reaper invasion of the galaxy, which will take place from the start of the game. It marks the conclusion of Shepard’s story, which began with the release of Mass Effect 1 way back in 2007.

We’ll see familiar faces and places that will be able to be visited in the game, and though the first few hours will be linear to set off the storyline, the rest of the game will be more decision-based and open-ended.

Mass Effect 3 comes out on the 9th of March this year, for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.