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Lollipop Chainsaw Pre-Order Bonus Includes Additional Outfits

Lollipop Chainsaw is a blend of brutality and cuteness or I should say hotness! In any case, the female protagonist in the game is getting additional costumes from different retailers. That’s right, pre-order the game and you can get a custom costume for sweet saw slashing Juliet.

You will have to be slightly choosy here as all the online distributors aren’t giving away the same outfit. To help you decide, we have the screenshots of Juliet in the respective costumes so that you can pick the right one before you pre-order your game:


lollipop chainsaw amazon

lollipop chainsaw amazon 2

Best Buy

lollipop chainsaw best buy

lollipop chainsaw bestbuy 1

lollipop chainsaw best buy 2

lollipop chainsaw best buy 3


lollipop chainsaw gamestop 2

lollipop chainsaw gamestop 1

lollipop chainsaw gamestop

The special GameStop Ash costume from Evil Dead is what makes her a true Zombie Slayer. Which one of these is your favorite?