King Arthur 2 Errors, Crashes, Low FPS and Performance Fixes

King Arthur 2 offers a unique blend of real-time strategy and role-playing elements to tell the tales of the legendary King Arthur.

Neocore has improved the game mechanics and visually quality of the game in the sequel but has somehow shipped the game with performance and stability issues.

That’s not new though, it has pretty much become a norm for PC games to experience launch problems, but it is always appreciated when a developer is aware of the issues and is working to fix them as soon as possible.

If latest patch hasn’t fixed issue you are experiencing, you can refer to our troubleshooting guide for workarounds.

#1 King Arthur II – FPS and Graphics Issues
Make sure that you have latest drivers installed for your hardware and you meet the minimum requirements to run the game. Developer is aware of the problem and this issue hopefully will be solved with the first patch. You can give new Nvidia ForceWare 295.51 beta drivers a shot for better performance.

#2 Resurrection Not Working In King Arthur II After the Patch
They have actually tried to reduce the power of the effect so you may face the issue for sometime. Restarting the game can fix the issue but if the problem persists, you should either contact support or wait for the next patch to arrive.

#3 How to Fix No-Cursor Problem
If you don’t see any mouse cursor on the user interface then you may have to do a fresh install to fix the issue. There seem to be no other workaround. Uninstall, Clean the computer and re-install to get the cursor back.

#4 Game Crashes to Desktop – Runtime Error
The issue is usually related to DirectX or Windows version i.e. x64 or x86. Try to run the game in Dx10 and see if this fixes the problem. You can also try the “autosetup” option in the game’s directory. Or update the game to fix the issue.

#5 Game Crashes During a Quest
Many users have reported broken quests and other random crashes. Neocore has been working to fix the issues but if the problem is still there, you should contact support and they will help you out. I will recommend the same method if your save games are somehow broken.

#6 King Arthur II – Can’t Load the Save Game
Make sure that Steam is running. Restarting the game/PC can also fix the issue.

If you face any other issue, let us know in the comments and we will help you out.