EverQuest Will Go Free-To-Play On Its 13th Anniversary

By   /   Jan 31, 2012

If you aren’t aware of this trend setting MMORPG then you are not a true fan of the respective genre. Everquest was launched almost 13 years ago and despite of having ordinary graphics and visuals, many across the world haven’t forgotten the old hag. After more than a decade of paid entertainment, Sony Online Entertainment has finally decided to make the game free-2-play on the eve of its 13th anniversary.

Every player (old or new) will start with a Welcome pack with plenty of new items to explore, said Thom Terrazas, the producer of EverQuest:

All players will receive a Welcome Pack containing items to add to your gameplay experience. You’ll be able to summon a unique Mercenary to fight by your side and we’re including some Bayle Marks to help pay for the services of your newly summoned Mercenary. A couple of Experience Potions are also included to help you increase your experience gained while adventuring. For all the collectors that like to show off all the great wares to your friends, we’re giving you an item to display in your home and add to your collection. And finally, you’ll be able to customize the appearance of one of your weapons with a Weapon Ornamentation – also included in the Welcome Pack. So be sure to check the claim window for your free gifts

This will surely bring in plenty of new players just as it happened in case of DC Universe Online and EverQuest II. The shift to F2P model is expected to take place in early March. You can follow the link to get specific details.

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