No Plans For Xbox 720 At E3 2012 Or Later This Year

By   /   Jan 30, 2012

Yes, we all want to hear something about Microsoft’s upcoming console instead of mere rumors and predictions but can hunches alone change the company’s plans? The answer is NO. Microsoft hasn’t revealed much about the new console and rightly so considering the current status of Xbox 360 which still sells like hot cakes.

Despite of the fact that Microsoft has no urgency to talk about the new system, everyone wanted to have at-least a glimpse of what’s headed our way in the future. Cedrick Delmax, marketing director of Xbox France in an interview with Lepoint.Fr. said:

We’re in an industry that talks a lot, that likes to tell stories. I am not convinced things will happen this year. Xbox 360′s cycle is not at all finished. The proof is that we don’t see the logic in cutting the price this year. E3 is still premature. What’s certain is that there’ll be nothing new in 2012

Sony too doesn’t seem in any hurry to reveal anything about the next generation console. So folks, we should for the time being, stay contented with what we have. Wii U however can be something to look forward to as it is expected to release this year.

Source: VG247

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