Twilight Carnival Walkthrough Guide

By   /   Jan 29, 2012

Twilight Carnival is an addictive game on Facebook. You build crazy and joyful rides to attract the visitors or arrange other activities for them to have fun.

The good part is that you can play those mini-games which you have set up at the carnival for earning points and coins, which makes the game more interesting. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to get started with Twilight Carnival.


As in the most of the games, the game options are at the top. The balances which show the crystals, happiness, energy and experience/coins are at the top bar too. The editing bar is at the right side from where you can edit your carnival (add & remove more stuff/buildings to it). The bottom one shows statistics related to friends whereas the left side has the goals and objectives button.


You will be given a number of objectives at a time but your main goal should be to earn coins and XP so you can complete those tasks. Make sure that you keep your visitors happy (the happiness bar) as this would attract more customers.

You can increase their happiness and other attributes by simply adding more addictive, quality and interesting stuff (such as decorations, buildings, games) to your carnival. Make sure that your carnival is clean and you don’t have any useless stuff as it can be a downfall to the carnivals popularity.


As almost all the Facebook games, this has the Energy terminology too. You need energy to play and complete the mini-games which reward you in different ways. The energy is refilled after a matter of time and the bar keeps on increasing with respect to your level.

Crystals and Tickets

By playing the mini-games you’re rewarded some coins but Tickets as well. These tickets can be used to unlock more games, complete the objectives and unlock new buildings.

Crystals are used to get more energy and skip some quests (objectives) which you are unable to complete so the new set of objectives can roll in. You can buy both, the Crystals & the Tickets via Facebook credits.


Decorations are an important part of your game. You must keep on decorating your carnival as it has a big hand in the happiness of your customers and the number of visitors. They will also help you in increasing the amount of paychecks of your businesses.

Electricity (Power) for your Carnival

Well, the most basic requirement to run a carnival is the power. You will be taught to set up a generator in the tutorial – The generator needs electricity to power the carnival so you will have to buy it; the electricity is bought per minutes (5 minutes to thirty-six hours).

If the generator runs out of electricity then your buildings will have no power and you will not get any revenue from them until you get the generator into the working condition.

Store & Items/Buildings

You can buy decorations and other items from the Store button (right of the screen). Click on it and you will see a new set of menu with the list of all the available items and their costs. You can simply select a game or a building and then place it to the right place.

Now click onto that structure for the building to start. Now that the building is completed, you’ll have to trade some tickets so you start it. These tickets can be obtained by playing at your own carnival or a friend’s carnival.

Cleaning the Carnival

You will have to keep any eye on the trash and the cleanliness of your Carnival as it plays a major role onto your attributes. The amount of litter keeps on increasing from time to time and you can clean it by clicking onto the garbage button. The cleaning takes a lot of time so make sure you do it regularly and not get offended by it.


As mentioned earlier, there are a number of mini-games which you can play and build at your carnival. Some of them are:

  • Speedshot – Throw a basketball into a moving hoop.
  • Ricochet – Throw a ball into different obstacles.
  • Aquapop – Shoot a balloon towards other balloons of the same color.
  • Quickdraw – It is a shooting game in which you will have to hit the targets

Be Social – Visit Your Friends

You must keep on visiting your friend’s carnivals regularly; it will help in boosting your coins and other items. You can play their games and unlock more levels or even help them to keep their carnival clean. The actions are limited to 5 for each friend on a day.

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