NimbleBit Furious Over Zynga’s Dream Heights – A Replica Of Tiny Tower?

By   /   Jan 25, 2012

The social games giant Zynga is famous for its big titles like FarmVille and Mafia Wars on the biggest social network today i.e Facebook. The company has seen some competition recently from the like’s of EA in Sims Social which was appreciated a lot by the community.

Seems like Zynga is taking the heat and they are desperate to bring something more populous (not unique) to the Facebook fans. Zynga’s latest entry Dream Heights is one example.

Dream Heights seems pretty similar to the award winning iPhone game, Tiny Tower which has been developed by NimbleBit. Now the funny side of story, Tiny Tower developer consists of only 3 people while the mighty Zynga has 2,789 working under the tag. The exact words sent to Zynga in the form of an open letter are in the image above. Just feel the sarcasm. Something was burning, really!

NimbleBit co-founder David Marsh also stated on twitter that Zynga did want to hire them but they refused the offer.

Even when you refuse to go work for Zynga, sometimes you end up doing work for Zynga anyway

That’s what happen when you turn down the giants Mr. Marsh. Sad, but true. Anyways, concept copying is not a new thing in the gaming world but should big names like Zynga steal (that is if they have) concepts? I will leave the answer for you to decide.

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