Next Xbox Rumor Wrap Up: Blu-ray, Kinect 2, 1080p, Multi-Display, DirectX 11

By   /   Jan 25, 2012

Rumors about next Xbox are spreading like a wild-fire. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of speculation thrown at us in the last few days, so here is a wrap-up.

IGN reports (speculates) that next Xbox 360 will be six-times more powerful than Xbox 360 and 20% more powerful than Wii U. Citing the sources close to the project, IGN speculated that graphics card (GPU) powering the next Xbox will be like Radeon HD 6670.

Graphics card like Radeon HD 6670 supports DirectX 11, multi-display output, 3D and 1080p. This is major leap forward for Microsoft as a hardware manufacturer but that’s not all.

Kotaku reports (speculates) that next Xbox will support Blu-ray discs. Again, they cited the sources close to the project. This is another very demanded feature of the Xbox fans and would really help put Xbox on par with its competitor.

Kotaku also claims that Microsoft is installing countermeasures in next Xbox to combat used games but they didn’t provide any specifics about how it will work. They also reported that next Xbox will ship bundled with a refined version of the Kinect – previously reported by Eurogamer back in November.

Next Xbox is a hot news and as E3 draws closer, expect more rumors about the next-gen consoles. Let’s just take these as rumors, unless I tell you otherwise. On the side, what do you think about the specs speculated by the little known sources in the game industry ?

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