LoL Pantheon Guide – Builds, Strategy and Roles

By   /   Jan 25, 2012

Xan Hisam – Pantheon is a fast-moving, heavy damage dealing champion with low defense and no escape abilities in his repertoire for survivability. Equipped with a spear and a shield, Pantheon is great at melee combat and can also attack from a few paces away by throwing his spear using his 1st ability.

He can also close down the gap between him and his target quickly using his high base movement speed or by jumping up to his target and stunning them using his second ability. Pantheon is considered to be a melee champion and an assassin.

Pantheon Abilities

Aegis Protection (Innate Passive)
After attacking or casting spells 4 times, Pantheon gains a shield that blocks the next incoming basic attack or turret attack if it deals damage greater than 40.

Spear Shot (Q)
Pantheon hurls his spear at an opponent, dealing damage.

Aegis of Zeonia (W)
Pantheon leaps at an enemy and bashes them with his shield, stunning them. Casting Aegis of Zeonia refreshes Aegis Protection.

Heartseeker Strike (E)
(Active) Pantheon focuses and unleashes 3 swift strikes to the area in front of him, dealing double damage to champions. (Passive) Pantheon becomes more aware of his enemy’s vital spots, allowing him to always land critical strikes to enemies below 15% of their max health.

Grand Skyfall (R)
Pantheon composes himself for a few seconds and then leaps into the air crashing down onto a target location after a short delay, striking all enemy units in the area, dealing damage and slowing them. Enemies closer to the point of impact take more damage.

Your Guide To Pantheon Abilities

Spear Shot deals 150% damage to targets below 15% of their max health after acquiring a level of Heartseeker Strike.

Pantheon can be knocked back during Aegis of Zeonia by abilities such as Tristana’s ‘Buster Shot’ and Lee Sin’s ‘Dragon’s Rage’. Target is not stunned if Pantheon is knocked back during Aegis of Zeonia. Aegis of Zeonia will stun the target even if they use ‘Flash’ during it.

However, they will stand stunned at the target location of their ‘Flash’ and you will have to move up to them. Aegis Protection blocks abilities such as Gangplank’s ‘Parrrley’, Ezreal’s ‘Mystic Shot’ and Miss Fortune’s ‘Double Up’.

Moving during Heartseeker Strike cancels it. Cancelling Grand Skyfall during the initial channeling period puts it on a 10 second cooldown. You cannot cancel it once Pantheon has leaped out of vision.

The damage for Spear Shot and Heartseeker Strike scales with Pantheon’s attack damage and both abilities deal physical damage. However, Aegis of Zeonia and Grand Skyfall both deal magic damage and have their damage outputs modified by ability power.

How To Play With Pantheon In League of Legends

With no real skill shots, Pantheon is an easy champion that requires more tactical awareness and judgment for playing well than he requires skill with targeting and anticipation of enemy movement.

Knowing your enemy is half the battle when playing as Pantheon, and the other half is simply jumping up to them with Aegis of Zeonia, stunning them and casting Heartseeker Strike.

This should normally leave your enemies low enough to be finished with a basic attack followed by a Spear Shot. Spear Shot is great for taking out enemies that are trying to escape a fight at low health.

You can also Spear Shot an enemy in turret range when harassing, provided you start moving out of its range immediately and have Aegis Protection since it can block a hit from the turret.

Pantheon Starter Build

We’ll be focusing on improving Pantheon’s weakness, and through the help of certain items and masteries, use it to further increase his damage output in our starter build. Select the following masteries, runes and summoner spells for your loadout:

Fill all 9 of your slots for Marks with armor penetration. Equip percentage increase in health runes in Seals and magic resistance per level runes in Glyphs. For Quintessences, take percentage increase in health runes for all 3 slots. You can go with a simple armor, magic resistance and armor penetration rune-set as well.

The reason for using percentage increase in health runes is to complement your item build. Taking a more defensive approach than most starter builds, use 9/21/0 for your masteries. Follow the attack damage path in offensive masteries up to the ‘Weapon Expertise’ mastery that grants you 10% armor penetration.

Now, take the +6 bonuses for armor and magic resist, and take all health related masteries in the defensive tree including the final mastery ‘Juggernaut’. Other important masteries in the defense tree that you should pick are ‘Initiator’, ‘Honor Guard’ and ‘Evasion’.

Choose between ‘Flash’ and ‘Ignite’ or ‘Flash’ and ‘Ghost’ as your summoner spells. Choosing ‘Ghost’ and ‘Ignite’ is a viable option, but doing so would leave you without any escape abilities drastically reducing your survivability.

Pantheon Items, Abilities and Tips

Purchase a Doran’s Blade with your starting gold. At your next visit to the shop, buy shoes and components for Warmog’s Armor. If you’re not a fan of the item, you can make a Frozen Mallet instead.

Complete Warmog’s Armor or Frozen Mallet, whichever you’re making and upgrade your shoes to Mercury Treads. Start working on Atma’s Impaler as your next item.

When finished, focus on making Banshee’s Veil, purchasing the Negatron Cloak first. Start working on Last Whisper as your 5th item followed by a Bloodthirster if you made Warmog’s Armor earlier, or an Infinity Edge if you made a Frozen Mallet, as your final item.

Level Spear Shot at the start and unlock Aegis of Zeonia at the following level. At level 3, get Heartseeker Strike. Now work on getting Spear Shot to level 5, upgrading Heartseeker Strike when Spear Shot is unavailable.

Unlock Grand Skyfall at level 6 and upgrade it at levels 11 and 16. Max out Aegis of Zeonia when you’re done with all the other abilities.

The items suggested can take quite some time to make and are more suited for late game. Take your time and farm in a lane. Last hit minions as much as you can. Whenever Aegis Protection is up, move to the enemy and harass them with a Spear Shot. Keep your enemies low on health so that they don’t attempt to kill you.

If you think the enemy champion is low enough for you to grab a kill, stun them with Aegis of Zeonia, and follow it up with Heartseeker Strike and a basic attack (you can use ‘Ignite’ as well if you have it).

If your target is still alive, use Spear Shot to finish them off once they are out of melee range. Sometimes, it’s possible to use Spear Shot before casting Aegis of Zeonia and still have the enemy in range for stun. Since the cooldown on Spear Shot is quite low, doing so should let you use Spear Shot twice in one combo.

To land Pantheon’s ultimate; you have to anticipate the enemy’s movement quite a bit as it has a long cast-time, and your team’s willingness to start a team-fight. Be careful when using Grand Skyfall, because you can end up in the middle of the enemy team with no allies to help you if cast wrong.

Pantheon Advanced Play-Styles: Builds and Strategy

Heartseeker Pantheon
Masteries: 21/9/0
Pick all attack damage and armor penetration masteries along with critical damage and the ‘Havoc’ and ‘Executioner’ masteries in Offense. Get +6 armor and +2 magic resistance and spend the rest of the points on all health related masteries in Defense.

Runes: Attack damage per level runes in all rune slots.

Summoner Spells: ‘Flash’ and ‘Exhaust’.

Abilities: Unlock Aegis of Zeonia on the first level. Keep leveling Heartseeker Strike now until it’s maxed out. Unlock Spear Shot at level 4, and upgrade it to level 5 after you’re done with Heartseeker Strike and before Aegis of Zeonia. Level ultimate when it’s available.

Items: Start the game with Doran’s Blade. Buy boots and a Pickaxe at your first visit back to the store. If you’ve made a good bit of gold, buy Last Whisper (that’s what the Pickaxe was for). Upgrade your boots to Ionian Boots of Lucidity and buy a BF Sword.

Next, make a Sword of the Occult and buy a Vampiric Scepter. Don’t convert the Vampiric Scepter and BF Sword into a Bloodthirster just yet. Instead, sell Doran’s Blade and buy another BF Sword. When you have enough gold, convert both BF Swords into Bloodthirsters.

You’re supposed to make another Bloodthirster as your final item to complete the build, but you can make a Guardian Angel in its place, depending on what you need more in the game at that point. Go with Guardian Angel if you have enough damage to kill anyone with the Aegis of Zeonia + Heartseeker Strike combo.

It’s hard to play Glass-cannon play-style. You should have an insane damage output that cannot be countered with defensive items along with a good amount of life-steal. However, you’re extremely dependent on your champion’s abilities and are almost useless when they are on cooldown.

Apart from that, you can die faster than you can blink in a fight if focused (which any smart team would always do). Early game is extremely important. Mistakes in the beginning can have disastrous effects and chances of recovering afterwards are extremely low.

Playing Pantheon this way is extremely difficult, not because it’s tough to use Pantheon’s abilities or the play style depends on certain factors that aren’t directly under your control, but because it’s almost impossible to survive when playing this way unless you’re map awareness is the stuff of legends or you’re intuition is so amazing that you’re usually mistaken for being omniscient.

This play-style is all about killing an enemy so fast that neither he has a chance of escaping, nor do any of his team-mates get an opportunity to help him. Remember though, Pantheon is awfully weak defensively when using this build, and you need to make up for that weakness with smart movement and careful positioning.

As soon as you hit level 3, you can take out a non-tank character in one combo of Aegis of Zeonia and Heartseeker Strike. Try to get as many kills as you can and max out the stacks for Sword of the Occult once it’s made.

Know where your enemies are and try to pick off enemies that are too far away from their team-mates. Your damage output should allow you to make quick work of enemies. Keep moving and don’t stay in one place for long.

Stay out of sight of the enemy team as much as you can. The build is all about early game, so make the most of it and end games fast. The longer a game goes, the easier it will become to counter him.

Spartan Vanguard
Masteries: 21/9/0
Use the same mastery setting from the previous build.

Runes: Armor penetration Marks and Quintessences, flat armor in Seals and magic resistance per level in Glyphs.

Summoner Spells: Simply take ‘Flash’ and ‘Ignite’. Use ‘Ignite’ for finishing up on enemies.
Abilities: Level abilities in the same way as explained in ‘Learning to play with Pantheon’.

Items: Buy a Doran’s Blade as your first item. On your next visit, buy boots and some components for Manamune (preferably a Long Sword and a Sapphire Crystal). Finish up on Manamune and improve your boots, upgrading them into either Mercury Treads or Boots of Swiftness depending on how many crowd control effects the enemy team has.

Make a Bloodthirster next and follow it up with a Last Whisper. Work on Frozen Mallet next and buy Guardian Angel afterwards to finish your build. If you need more damage you can make an Infinity Edge in place of Guardian Angel or an Atma’s Impaler if you need armor and damage.

It’s Varying play-style effective during lane phase and is easy to adapt. Allows you to spam Spear Shot to harass enemy champions with ease when laning.

By mid-game, you’re strong enough to start fights and move out after scoring a kill. Good at chasing and finishing up on kills. However, leaves you lacking in damage output and defense later in a match.

All you have to do is keep moving about in lane and Spear Shot enemy champion(s) to keep them low. Do not use Spear Shot to last-hit minions until you’ve made Manamune, otherwise you won’t have enough mana to harass enemy champions by spamming Spear Shot.

Grab kills when you can with the standard ability combo. It should be fairly easy to kill an enemy champion at half health when you have all your abilities and ‘Ignite’. Just make sure you have enough mana to cast all abilities before you jump on to an enemy champion.

Don’t take too long to finish a game. Take advantage of your movement speed and Frozen Mallet. Use them to continually slow your target and/or save your team-mates by slowing whichever enemy is chasing them.

You should have enough health mid-game to easily move about in a team-fight without being focused most of the time (unless you’re always badly positioned).

How To Counter Pantheon

Pantheon’s Aegis Protection can block most abilities that deal physical damage. Use a basic attack to break Aegis Protection using your abilities. Spear Shot has low range, so keep a safe distance from Pantheon to prevent being harassed by him.

Aegis of Zeonia and Heartseeker Strike have slightly high cooldowns. Get Pantheon to waste those 2 abilities when attempting to get a kill on him. Be careful and turret hug if Pantheon’s laning partner has a stun or snare.

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