Mass Effect 3 Toys Will Contain ‘Randomized’ Multiplayer DLC

By   /   Jan 23, 2012

Mass Effect 3 is almost a month away from its release and we all are eagerly waiting to try the first ever multiplayer in the series. Alongside the release, EA and Bioware are also working on additional DLC, codes to which will come along with toys (action figures) associated with Mass Effect 3.

The content is believed to be “randomized” including weapons, new characters, boosting items, weapons modifications and upgrades. By randomized they mean that the type of perks you get will be totally random so you will require luck (cash too) along with better shooting skills to dominate the battlefield.

If you are curious about the price tags of the action figures then follow the link and decide the statue you want to have for your collection. The content is also believed to be exclusive for PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Do let me know that whether you are going to buy a Miranda (her statue, I mean) or you have someone else in mind?

Source. Gameinformer

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