SOPA/PIPA Postponed As ESA Drops Its Support

By   /   Jan 21, 2012

Some of the big names in video games industry along with gamers stood up against SOPA/PIPA, the two bills backed by billion-dollar corporations to counter online piracy and guess who won ?

We also joined in and played a small role to raise awareness against these two vaguely crafted online piracy bills. And we were equally disappointed to learn that Entertainment Software Association that represents big video game publishers like EA, Activision, Microsoft was lobbying the efforts to get these bills get passed from the congress.

Well, our solidarity has paid off; ESA has reconsidered its stance on SOPA/PIPA and have encouraged Congress to rewrite it and strip several outrageous stipulations. ESA released a press release which in principle said that it recognized the need for further consideration of the issues at stake before any laws were passed.

Result ? both Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act have been postponed indefinitely until these issues are resolved. Wikipedia and Reddit played a major role in driving the protest and encouraged its visitor to contact their local congressmen. Several big names like Wired, Destructoid, theoatmeal and WordPress followed suit to turn it into a historic protest ever staged online and offline.

While we appreciate this good will gesture by ESA, we still think it is far from over and internet may need to show solidarity again if another attempt to paralyze it is made.

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