Bioshock Infinite’ 1999 Mode Takes You Back To Old School Gaming

By   /   Jan 20, 2012

Irrational Games today announced a new mode for Bioshock Infinite, reminding us about the old-school games that used to be difficult.

Remember System Shock 2 ? Well, I think the name of the mode reminds us Bioshock Infinite will be equally difficult and challenging as System Shock 2, a survival horror shooter released in 1999.

Irrational basically wants us to remind the old-school challenging video games that are sorely missed today and with this mode, if you want to, you will be able to play the tougher version of Bioshock Infinite and remember the classic age of gaming.

How would 1999 mode make the game difficult ? Well, every choice you take in this mode will have permanent consequences plus no re-spawn points and limited supply of ammo, which would drastically affect the shoot ’em all style of play.

Furthermore, most of the tasks in the game have been tweaked to make them more challenging by keeping focus on the survivability, forcing players to make every shot count.

Irrational Games have included this mode following feedback from the Bioshock community but instead of scaring the general audience by making this a core feature of the game, Irrational has included it as a mode.

If you are hardcore old-school tough guy, you can play Bioshock 1999 mode and enjoy, while others can complete the game as they are used to. Share your thoughts on this move and how it will influence your decision to buy Bioshock Infinite ? 

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