Yakuza: Dead Souls NPC Trailer – Friends With Shotguns Are A Bliss

By   /   Jan 18, 2012

Residents of Kamurocho have become zombies. State forces were unsuccessful and now the job to restore peace and get rid of the crawling undead falls on the shoulders of four-friends who must fight to save the town.

Kamurocho is crawling with zombies so you would need more than just fists and kicks; you will need guns and good reflexes to fight the hordes of zombies.

Yakuza: Dead Souls take a major shift from the dialogue heavy, melee-combat, fight for supremacy gameplay mechanics to action-packed gunplay and features zombies, for the first time.

Take a look at this teaser trailer featuring Yakuza making their way through the hordes of zombies using their weapons to kill the undead:

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