Mass Effect 3 Only Available Through Origin On PC

By   /   Jan 15, 2012

As anticipated, we would not be able to get Mass Effect 3 from Steam since Bioware has made it public that players would have to get the game through Origin, a similar service owned and operated by Electronic Arts.

The first big title to get this treatment was Battlefield 3 and now it looks like Mass Effect 3 will be released on PC using the same channel.

It doesn’t matter whether you buy a physical copy or download it from Origin, you will have to unlock the game through Origin and play it using Origin.

To play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer you will have to be connected to Origin while you will only need to verify your account for singleplayer. Hopefully, this wouldn’t affect the experience of the gamers who are still reluctant to sign up with ‘Origin’ as a service.

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