Diablo 3 Denied Classification With Auction House in South Korea

By   /   Jan 15, 2012

One of the new features Diablo 3 brings to the table is Auction House, which operates in principle like real-money auction house. It helps you buy the loot ‘Available In-game’ for real-time cash and at the same time, allows you to sell your loot in the auction house if you choose so.

It seems the real-money transactions don’t fit well with South Korean anti-gambling laws, which has forced Blizzard to strip the Auction House altogether from Diablo 3 to get a classification in South Korea. It’s an important region for Blizzard considering the crazy fan base Starcraft has in the region.

South Korean Govt. has set up a board which will look into the matter and decide upon the future availability of the Auction House in Diablo 3.

We may see it or we may never, it all depends on the negotiations and compromise Blizzard makes with the law makers in South Korea. Though I believe South Korean Diablo 3 fans will have it in one form or another.

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