SWTOR Mac Installation Guide – How To Run It On MAC Using BootCamp

By   /   Jan 14, 2012

MAC owners should not be disappointed by the fact that EA hasn’t launch Star Wars: The Old Republic on MAC OS as you can still run the game on your operating system using BootCamp.

Those who aren’t aware about this tool should know that BootCamp is available in your MAC installation by default and can enable you to play SWTOR on your MAC. How? Follow the simple tutorial below:

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System Requirements

  • DVD DRIVE with Windows 7 disc
  • MAC OS X 10.5+ – BootCamp doesn’t run on 10.4
  • 20 GB HDD Space
  • Download/Update to the latest version

Step 1
You need to download or update your current BootCamp version to the latest one. You can follow this site for the update/download.

After the download is complete, install the program and make sure that you don’t have any other applications running.

Step 2
Now head to Finder\Applications\Utilities and run BootCamp Assistant. Press Continue and it will ask you to specify the HDD you need to use. 20 GB is minimum you need. Conventionally, the more space you choose, the better it will get.

Step 3
Now insert the Windows 7 disc and start install it normally. When asked about partition, you should choose BootCamp Partition.

If you choose your physical partition then you will lose your MAC OS installation. So make sure that you select the right partition.

Step 4
Let the installation complete and after the system gets rebooted, you will get a screen to which will allow you to choose between your 2 installed operating systems.

You can choose Windows 7 and then install the game on it. Otherwise, you can also boot Windows 7 within MAC OS as an application.

For that, you need a premium software, “Parallels for MAC” but that will also increase the lag. So, it is recommended that you boot Windows 7 separately.

You can install any other Windows game following the same procedure. If you are facing any issue about this tutorial, let us know and will try to sort it out for you.

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