SWTOR Legacy System Guide – How To Manage Multiple Characters

By   /   Jan 14, 2012

When it comes to MMO RPGs, some like to stick with one character while others prefer exploring different classes a game has to offer. Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Legacy system has been introduced to encourage people to try different classes and create multiple characters rather than sticking to a single character.

One major reason behind playing with one character is that there are tons of quests and managing multiple characters can be a real pain and it requires you to spend time a lot of time grinding for gear.

The Legacy System in SWTOR solves this problem by binding all your characters to one family. This means that all your characters will linked to your main characters as bloodline relatives like sun, brother, sister and daughter etc.

The relatives should follow the rules of speciatation e.g humans can have adopted children from other species but the blood relatives can only be humans. Every character however, will have its own story so that you don’t get bored.

You will be able to create the Legacy after completing Chapter 1 and the system will ask you to choose the surname for your in-game family. The name should be unique which can also be used as your last name.

Legacy System Rewards

Just like the individual experience points system, SWTOR Legacy System has a separate point system. As you complete quests or win battles, your legacy points will increase which can earn you different rewards in the form of perks and abilities.

The rewards earned in Legacy system can either be faction specific or individual specific so all of your characters will have some to be benefited from. One major advantage for example is that if you want to create a new character and have high ranks for other characters in the legacy, you can use some of the skills and items of those characters to level up your new character fast.

If you haven’t tried the system yet then I will recommend that you give it a run to earn extra rewards and bonuses. It’s a huge galaxy after all and having a small family won’t hurt at all.

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