Mass Effect 3 – Kinect Voice Commands Listed

By   /   Jan 14, 2012

We know that Mass Effect 3 will support Kinect and if you have been curious that how the motion sensing device will fit in with such a diverse platform then we have something that may satisfy your curiosity a bit. Along with the motion controls, players will be able to issue voice commands for the companions to follow.

me 3 kinect commands

The image grabbed by OXM apparently has more commands than listed below but if you have a human eye, you can’t decipher them all. Following commands could be extracted for Liara and James:

“Follow Me”
“Warp Ammo”
“Submachine gun”
“Heavy Pistol”
“Switch Weapon”

James Vegas
“Follow me”
“Incendiary ammo”
“Throw grenade”
“Frag grenade”
“Assault rifle”
“Switch weapons”

Now if you think that you can extract more out of the image then do share with us in comments. Mass Effect 3 will hit stores on March 6 in US and on March 9 in Europe.

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