Lolipop Chainsaw Trailer Reveals Swan ‘The Goth’

By   /   Jan 13, 2012

Grasshopper Entertainment has been giving teasers to their upcoming title Lolipop chainsaw where they feature your average, innocent, blonde looking cheerleader that somehow goes around wielding a chainsaw and brings justice by killing zombies.

The blood spilling, gut scattering action packed game is a title that has yet to come but people are left with nothing more than teasers and to make it even more spicy they have brought out a video showing one of the villains of the game namely the “Swan”.

Swan is your goth looking guy that is bent on dominating the world by sheer power and control over the zombies. Check out the video below to grab a quick insight of what this character looks like and what is his villainous role in the game.

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