Red Orchestra 2 SDK Goes Public – Mods In Development

By   /   Jan 12, 2012

Something more to cheer up for the owners of Red Orchestra 2 as the developer has planned to provide game’s SDK to everyone who has bought the game. After the release of limited version of the tool, Tripwire now has decided to make it public so that everyone out there can enjoy the freedom of creativity that is of course limited to PC gamers only. You can design custom maps, mods and mutators with countless possibilities.

Courtesy of the pre-release version of the SDK provided to limited modders, we have some mods already in development. So if you are a FPS fan on PC and haven’t got the game yet then you can head straight to Steam and order your copy now. Those who already own the game can access the kit through “tools” tab and show what their modding skills can do for the community.

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